3 in 1

Today’s workout was a three-fer. Hills, speedwork AND stairs. Yowza. Since I am less than two weeks away from my 10 mile race, this is my last hard week. I decided to cram it all in to one day by heading to the parking structure at Sac State. Aaron and I warmed up with some trips up and down the stairs, then ran a few stories inside before doing some sprints on the roof. My legs were Jello within 10 minutes. We did it all again a few times for 35 minutes and 2 miles of heart-pounding, sweat-inducing interval work.

On Friday I have 10 miles on the schedule as my last long run before the race. I am really looking forward to the race and how my training has prepared me for this year’s 10 miles. Last year I was under prepared, but still loved the race and finished in a pretty good time. This course is different this year, but still looks really good:

I love that we go through neighborhoods I am familiar with but where I don’t run everyday. It makes it easy for Aaron and Cash to walk to cheer me on and still have time to get in the car and come pick me up at the Capitol.

I have a loose time goal that would be ideal – finishing in under 1:30.  That would be 9 minute miles and an over 3 minute improvement from last year’s race. I plan to push it and leave it all on the road to try to achieve my goal. And I will be focused on smart training, tapering and nutrition the next couple weeks. I am planning to schedule a massage on Sunday and head to yoga a few times in the next couple weeks. Sounds like a recipe for success!


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