A Run With A Theme

We are 10 days away from race day. That means time to start checking the 10 day forecast!  Spring races in Sacramento are a crap shoot as far as weather goes. And time to start doing whatever the opposite of a rain dance is:

This morning was my last long run before the big day and it was pretty important. Since being sick a couple weeks ago, I hadn’t ran more than 6 miles for a few weeks. Today called for 10 miles and my mind was just not into it this morning. We had a volunteer appreciation event last night for Girls on the Run, so I was on my feet all night and didn’t properly fuel (a glass of red wine, cheese and chocolate covered strawberries are not ideal).  Luckily I did plan ahead and made an early dinner of quinoa pasta with tomatoes, spinach and capers so that I could avoid the really bad food at the event. On top of that, we were woken up in the middle of the night by Cash who was having ear issues and wouldn’t stop shaking his whole body. Cue 3AM ear cleaning and more shaking and that made for not the best night’s sleep.

But I was determined. And so began the theme for today’s run – determination. I had my usual PB and Banana toast, coffee and programmed my Garmin with the goal of 10 miles at 10 minute per mile pace. I couldn’t imagine running faster than that this morning. While Aaron was still sleeping (he spent the night on the couch with the dog so I could sleep), I leash Cash up and brought him with me for the first 2.5 miles.

After dropping Cash off, I took off for the final 7.5 miles. With potty breaks and sniffing, Cash and I averaged 10:28 pace, so I had some making up to do to get to my 10 minute pace goal. It was a perfect morning for running – cool and crisp but sunny. I was determined to get all 10 miles in because I knew it was my last chance before the rain rolled in for the weekend. I sort of kissed my pace goal goodbye and was just focused on getting in the miles, not matter the pace. I have a Hammer Gel at mile 5 and continued on my way.

At the turnaround point, with 3.75 miles to go, I was at 10:15 pace and then I scrolled to the virtual partner screen on my Garmin. When you set a distance and pace goal, Garmin provides you with a little virtual partner to race. I never think much of the little guy, but this morning he was laughing at me.

I was .15 miles behind him and at the moment I was determined to catch up to him. I really pushed it the last 3.75 miles and with 2 miles to go I was only 335 feet behind him. Right around the 9 mile mark I finally passed him! It was as if I was really racing someone rather than a stick figure. Whatever it take, right?

I wound up finishing the 10 miles (accomplishment #1) with a 9:55 pace (accomplishment #2).  Determination is often what it takes to get through a race, and definitely what it takes to have a successful race. And it is all worthwhile when I come home and my fantastic husband makes me this delicious breakfast sammie!

2 slices Udi’s, 1 scrambled egg, ham, spinach, cheese, tomato. Doesn’t it look like the sandwich is sticking its ham tongue out at me? I showed him – I bit his tongue right off!

What situation have you needed lots of determination to get through recently? 



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