Race Prep – The Week Of

With race day for the Sactown 10 Miler 1 week away, this is an important week. Training for weeks on end doesn’t make any difference if you don’t take care of yourself the week before the race. Getting sick, wearing yourself down or pushing your body too hard can ruin a race. Since one of my New Years Resolutions was to take every race seriously through training, I am taking this week leading up to the race seriously, as well.  Here is my plan:

  • Get more sleep. In general I get more sleep than I think most people do.  But I think my body needs it. So this week I am going to make an effort to get to bed just 15 minutes earlier than normal. And allow myself to sleep in a little more than usual.
  • Hydrate! Hydrating on race day is not as important as leading up to the race. A couple weeks ago I picked up four big bottles of coconut water on sale at Whole Foods. I am going to make sure to have one glass every morning and evening along with my normal H2O intake.
  • Massage – today I got a 90 minute massage to help restore my muscles after training for 8 weeks.
  • Daily foam rolling and stretching. As I write this I am rolling my eyes at myself. How many times have I proclaimed that I would start stretching and foam rolling daily? But I think I can do it. I am only committing to 7 days of daily stretching and rolling. And I know it will make a big difference.
  • Yoga x 2: I am going to try to make it to two yoga classes this week to get nice and loose. I plan to shoot for the beginner classes so I don’t get sore.
  • Fuel my body. I always try to focus on fueling my body with the best possible stuff, but race week it is uber-important. No wine (increases dehydration), no dessert (not the sugars I need). As I type this I am missing my evening glass of wine and ice cream already!
  • Keep moving – But don’t push it. It is often tempting the week of a race to not run at all. You want to rest your body, but there is fine line. Pushing yourself means you can arrive at the start line exhausted and not rested. Doing too little means your muscles might be stale. It is important to go easy but still run. I will be doing a combination of short speedwork and short tempo runs at race pace to keep my legs fresh and ready to run fast without wearing them out.
  • Mentally prepare  and pump myself up! Reading old race recaps and Runners World always gets me pumped up!



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