Good Form Running Seminar

Saturday I took a Good Form Running seminar at my local Fleet Feet.


Good Form Running focuses on 4 areas of running in order to prevent injury and run more efficiently.  I took a Chi Running clinic about 5 years ago and found it overwhelming, but GFR takes some of the concepts from Chi Running and simplifies it a bit to focus on the most important aspects – Posture, Midfoot, Cadence and Lean.


Here you can see how most people run vs. what we should look like when we run


I attended the seminar as a refresher and to take away some tips to run more efficiently.  After a full marathon and several half marathons, I’ve got the distance and endurance down. But now I was to get faster, more efficient and prevent injuries. The most important thing I took away from the session was cadence. By shortening my stride and running at 180 BPM (beats per minute), my stride will naturally look more like the one on the right above. The average/comfortable cadence for most people is 150 BPM. That slower cadence gives the stride time to lengthen and leads to heel striking.

We practiced running at 180 BPM and compared it to 150 BPM and the difference was quite noticeable.  Our instructor suggested adding just a few BPM each run and not jumping right into running at 180 BPM. What was surprising to me was that the studies people have done prove that 180 BPM is the ideal cadence whether you are a 12 minute miler or a 5 minute miler.

There are cadence apps you can download to check in with your cadence and also MP3s you can download to come up on your iPod during a run. Checking in at the beginning of a run and then again later on when you are tired.  You should still be at 180 BPM.

I am not going to go out and change anything tomorrow, but the class was great for a refresher and I will definitely keep the tips in mind and be more conscious of my posture, midfoot and cadence.

Have you ever taken a class on running or other sport?

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