A Fun Week

Normally when you come back from vacation, the first week back is tough. It’s all about catching up on work and getting back to the daily grind. After we returned from Carmel, Aaron and I were able to mix all that real-world stuff with fun stuff as well.

We started with a mid-week cheap date night at Scandia Fun Center. Scandia has mini-golf, go karts, batting cages, bumper boats and an arcade. Almost a year ago, I purchased  a Living Social deal for two VIP wrist bands which included all you can play everything for only $19. It expires this week, so we decided to finally use it. Being competitive, Aaron and I placed a little bet based on the results of mini-golf, go karts and the arcade. The loser had to buy frozen yogurt on the way home. Aaron won, but we had a blast. And for less than $30 we had a great Wednesday night.


Friday afternoon I had a great meeting, so we celebrated with Happy Hour. This drink was to die for. Jalapeno vodka, fresh watermelon, lime and mint. So refreshing I had two!


Saturday we run a ton of errands, worked out and then in the evening attended a wedding of a dear family friend who I have known my whole life. It was a great wedding and fun to see lots of family and friends.


And to finish things off, we spend Sunday floating down the American River. We haven’t done a float for a couple years, and the weather was perfect. We were out there a little longer than anticipated, but had a blast floating with friends on the river. And Aaron had a smoked pork butt waiting for us at the end! Complete with coleslaw, and fresh corn on the cob!

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