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Five Years of Dating

February 9th is a special day – it is Aaron and my dating anniversary.  On February 9, 2007 Aaron asked me while we were out on a date, “So, when do I get to call you my girlfriend?”.  I responded with, “You can call me your girlfriend right now!”  We had been dating for a few weeks and had been loving spending time together.  We had already cooked for each other, been on a trip to Vegas and spent a lot of time together.

Here we are that crazy night in 2007.


So you might be asking, “Now that you are married, don’t you have a new anniversary?” We do, but we say, why not celebrate both?  We don’t really need an excuse to go out to a nice dinner and celebrate each other. Plus, since our anniversary is so close to Valentines Day, we chose to celebrate our Feb 9th anniversary in lieu of Valentines Day.

Today’s plan includes work, a couple’s trip to the gym, I will be coaching GOTR and then a fancy dinner out. Can’t wait to get gussied up (since I live in sweats or workout clothes most the time), try a new-to-us restaurant and spend some QT with my hubby.

Aaron is the best thing to ever happen to me, and after half a decade, I love him more than ever. He makes me laugh every day, makes me feel so special and he is a true partner. I couldn’t so what I do without him by my side! He truly is my best friend and I can’t wait for what is to come!

Have I managed to make you puke yet?  Happy Thursday!



What I Learned from the Superbowl Sunday 10K

This morning I started the day off with a 10K race in the neighborhood.  2012 marks the 3rd year for the Sacramento Running Association’s Superbowl Run. I ran the race in 57:15 for a 9:09 pace.  I was hoping for an 8:45 pace, but the first mile was a total bottleneck and I was chatting with a friend, too.  For mile 1 being 10:30, I am pretty pleased finishing with a 9:09 pace!

I learned a few things along the way, too:

  • I am really starting to like the 10k distance.  It is still a challenge without bringing with it as much pressure as a half or full marathon.  Any given weekend I could run a 10k, but it is also a distance I can see improvement in through training.
  • I like 9AM starts for shorter runs
  • I really like races that are close to home. This morning Aaron and I left the house 20 minutes before the gun went off.  He dropped me off a half-mile from the start so I got a little warm up and still was at the start line 8 minutes before the gun went off.
  • Not eating gluten has truly changed my life when it comes to pre-race preparations. Mornings that were nerve-racking and unpredictable now run smoothly (pun intended).
  • I am a big fan of running the tangents  
  • I am not a fan of people who cheat and cut corners.  The race is measured on the road, so get your a** off the sidewalk and onto the road. Grey shirt and black capris, I’m talking to YOU! I still beat her, though. And that’s all that really matters, right? I kid, I kid (kind of).
  • If you want to run in a well-managed race, choose a shorter race put on by people who organize marathons – they know what they are doing.
  • I need to do hill training – the slightest little incline kicked my butt this morning
  • I also need to learn how to breathe – I think when the going gets tough, I hold my breath.  When I would focus on long slow breaths through my nose and out my mouth the game changed! Thank you yoga for teaching me how to breathe – now I just need to remember to do it.

Now it is time for our 5th annual Superbowl party.  Aaron stayed up all night tending to the beef brisket on the smoker, we just took the wings off the grill, several dips are made, the beers are on ice and people should be arriving any minutes.  Time to put a bra on, I guess!  If I were to run for President, my first task would be to make the Monday after the Superbowl a national holiday. I don’t know how anyone on the East Coast gets anything done that day!

My heart wants to root for the Giants, but my wallet will be rooting for the Patriots in the under! Along with several other silly bets like the longest and shortest touchdowns.

Catching Up

Catching up after a fun, busy few days.  Last week was a seriously busy week to kick off the new year.  It was a great week, though!

The weekend “started” with a cold and foggy 7 mile run.  I am training for an upcoming 10K and I am trying to actually train for all the races a register for.  I have never actually trained specifically for a 10K, so I enlisted the Runner’s World Smart Coach App to help me out.  It takes the guess work out of it.  I entered in a recent race time (54:00 10K), the distance I was training for (10K), how many miles I wanted to run a week (16-20), how hard I wanted to train (hard), what day I wanted to do my long run (Friday), and how many weeks until the race. Hit generate plan and there you go.  The plan had m first long run on Friday for 7miles.  That’s the farthest I have run since April.  And of course I woke up to this:


But I gave it a shot anyway and figured if I felt like crap I could turn around early to cut it short.  To my surprise, I felt great and completed the 7 miles in just under 1:04.  I averaged a 9:39 pace which I was happy with for my first “long” non-race run.

Saturday was the busiest day of them all.  It started dark and early at the TBF Racing New Years Duathlon.  It is a free race that benefits Girls on the Run!  TBF is an amazing organization that is such a huge supporter of GOTR.  We come to the race and provide raffle prizes and accept donations from participants.  It is a really great fundraiser for us and we love supporting such a great organization in our community.




Saturday night was the annual Father Daughter dance that my Dad and I attend every January.  We have been going for 16 or so years and I look forward to it every year.  We catch up with friends, have drinks, appetizers, dinner and then dance our booties off.  The band that plays every year is the same band that played at our wedding.  They are amazing and it was so much fun to see them.  Every year they know they have to play My Girl before my Dad and I can leave (that was our Father Daughter dance at the wedding).



Such a great weekend – and here’s to a great week!  Tomorrow Smart Coach has me doing speedwork.  My mission is to figure out how to program my Garmin for speedwork.

Arrivaderci 2011

Putting my feelings about 2011 into words is really hard.  It was so a whirlwind year filled with the highest of highs and some really stressful lows, too.  2011 will forever be one of the best years of my life because it is the year I married the man of my dreams.

All the other bullshit (yes, a full curse word without all the asterisks is totally appropriate here) really doesn’t matter.  I choose to focus on the positive and all the wonderful things that happened this year.

Girls on the Run Summit in January – such an amazing and inspiring experience.  I am so excited to attend again in January in Tampa!

Wedding Dress Shopping with my Best Friends

I quit a job I was unhappy with and started working from home!

Aaron and I went on some fun adventures – camping, Lake Tahoe, Reno

I raced all over town – literally

I made my return to coaching Girls on the Run

We planned the wedding of our dreams.  I am so proud of the work we put into the wedding and that we did pretty much everything ourselves (with the help of Etsy, of course).  I am also pretty proud of how calm and collected I stayed through the whole thing.  I don’t think there were too many Bridezilla moments.  The result was the perfect day that I wouldn’t change one thing about!

I got to spend an incredible weekend in Napa with my best friends for my Bachelorette party.  I am one lucky girl.

Aaron and I honeymooned in beautiful Hawaii

Pretty awesome year, right?

I am hoping 2012 is a little more calm.  I don’t need a lot of excitement to be happy.  Fun things already on the horizon for 2012:

  • My best friend’s wedding and all the fun that goes along with that
  • Lots of races – 3 I am already registered for, and hopefully more

Cheers to a fabulous 2011 and an even better 2012.  Have fun and be safe out there!

A Year Ago

A year ago today was a really good day! What better way to end the year than with an engagement!?!


December 30th, 2010 Aaron and I took the ferry over to San Francisco for a day of playing in the city and eating delicious food.

Towards the end of the day Aaron surprised me with a proposal!  Seriously a perfect day! I couldn’t imagine a better way for the two of us to get engaged. 

This year December 30th was a good day, too. But for different reasons. Aaron and I spent a lot of the day cleaning and organizing.  We hung wedding photos, I organized my office and my shoes. 

Around 2 I got an email from Apple that my laptop was ready to be picked up. My computer totally died last week, so I took it to the doctor and they shipped it off. Can I just say


Apple sent my computer off on Tuesday and it came back today! Amazing.  And for their flat fee repair program I got a $600 part plus a new $100 battery. All for $310.  But it gets better.

After I left the store I was reading through the paperwork and both said that my service should have been free. Not sure why that was, I called the store. They too were confused. But since both papers said I should not be charged, they said they would refund my money! If it was their mistake, then they didn’t want me to pay.  Good customer service is so hard to come by.

Considering that I was stoked about only paying $310 for getting my computer back, free was like winning the lotto. It just goes to show that following up and being nice sometimes pays off!

Since I didn’t want to leave the mall in case I had to go back to the store, I decided to kill sometime at DSW. 


Dangerous!  But the sales were amazing! I actually bought 4 pairs of shoes and 1 pair for Aaron. I love shoes but I hardly ever spend money on good ones except running shoes. All my other ones are pretty much from Target or else they are like 5 years old.

Once I got word my computer repair was going to be free, I went straight to the cash register! The shoes were such a good deal!

The cheapskate in me is so happy! Maybe December 30th is my lucky day! And I hope it’s a sign of what’s to come in 2012!