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Race Wish List

After I registered for the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon, I got to thinking about what other races I would love to do.  I am such a cheapskate that I always find it hard to fork over the cash for lots of races.  But it is something I really love doing and it keeps me motivated, so I think it is worth the dough.
I have already done some pretty amazing races.  Hello, riding my bike around Lake Tahoe?

Here are some of my other dream races.

Wildflower Triathlon: this was my first triathlon and I really had no idea what I was doing.  It was before I really knew how to cycle or run long distances.  I leaned on my stamina and strength to power through.  I would love to revisit this race and crush it! Plus, the whole experience of camping race weekend is really special.

Bolder Boulder:  This is a classic 10K in Boulder where I went to college.  I never ran the race during college because I had more important priorities like drinking beer and watching Grey’s Anatomy.  How fun to head back and run this race! I would love to run this race with my friends.

Ragnar Relay
I would love to gather a group and complete one of the Ragnar Relays.  There is one from San Francisco to Napa and one from Huntington Beach to Coronado in San Diego.  Both of those would be awesome.  Now I just need 11 people who don’t mind sharing sweaty vans and running through the night.

Lake Tahoe Half Marathon (or Marathon)
Lake Tahoe is so special to me. I grew up going there every summer, rode my first century around the Lake, got married on the lake.  I think I should add running around it to the list too!  I think we would have to move up there for a couple months so I could train at altitude (a la Deena Kastor).  That wouldn’t be too bad though!

Lake Tahoe Swim Relay
Heck, why not swim across Lake Tahoe, too!

Tough Mudder
Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.  There is fire, water, walls, you name it.  Watch the video on the homepage – it looks really intense.  This would be the ultimate challenge and about so much more than running.


This list will continue to grow.  Any must-do races/events on your list?

Girl Power

I am one proud GOTR Momma!

What an amazing morning.  The 5K is the big celebration of a season of hard work.  It is so great to see all of the girls from throughout the area and their families there to celebrate the girls and all their hard work.  Being a coach, I interact with my 15 girls twice a week, but it was so great to see all 211 girls from the council in one place.  And being on the board, we often don’t get to see the program in action (unless you are crazy like me and decide to coach AND be on the board).  We get caught up in numbers, logistics, rules and regulations. But that’s not what it is all about.

THIS is what it’s all about

and this

And most importantly, it’s about these smiles at the Finish Line

I got to run with two of the girls on our team as a running buddy.  I wasn’t planning to run, but am so glad I got the chance.  The girls did such an amazing job, stayed motivated and really pushed it at the end.  We finished in about 37 minutes or so, took a couple walk breaks, one break to peel off some layers and had a blast!  My girls were two 3rd graders, so it was their first 5K ever and I was so excited to run it by their sides.

Monday is our last day and we have a super fun celebration planned.  I can’t wait! And then it will all be over until January.  Haha – that time will fly by.

California International Marathon Relay Challenge

Today I finished a marathon in 3:48:29.  Pretty impressive, right?  Even more impressive is that I woke up 10 minutes before the start.  The thing is, I didn’t start the marathon, I just finished it.  I had three other lovely ladies to help with the rest of it! And we rocked it!  We ran for Team Girls on the Run Sacramento and we were decked out from head to toe.  We each held GOTR balloons at the exchange points to make it easier to find each other.

And we wore GOTR tattoos!

And of course had our sweet outfits I showed you yesterday.

The unofficial goal was to finish in under 4 hours as a team.  We kept in touch via text and cell phone and I was planning to see Kellie at our exchange point right around 10:15.  I got there shortly after 9:30 to make sure I was prepared and in place.  Since I wasn’t starting first thing in the morning I had to figure out my fueling plan.  I had the usual PB and banana toast and coffee around 8, ate the other half of my banana on the way to my exchange point.  At 10 I planned to take a Gu for a little caffeine and carbs.  I opened up my gel and was walking toward the trash can when I heard the guy who was calling out bib numbers as they came into the relay chute call out “9371”.

What?!  That’s us!  I quickly threw the Gu I had barely had any of onto the ground (apparently I forgot that I usually eat those while running), and ran to find Kellie.  I slipped under the ropes just in time and she transfered the timing chip to my ankle as I untangled my balloons and handed them to her.

Just like that, I was off!  I had a hard time getting my breathing in check the entire time because I was so fired up on adrenaline and couldn’t believe I almost missed Kellie after having been waiting for 25 minutes!

I felt strong the whole time and started out with a pace between 8:15 and 8:30.  My original plan was to take the first mile at 9:00 pace to warm up and then try to turn on the jets. But I pretty much always go out too fast and ignore that plan. I am just so excited to be racing that I don’t really care what the consequences are later.  Luckily it didn’t really matter because I was running 5.7 miles and figured I could suffer through anything for that long.

It was kind of surreal to be running the same course I ran a year ago and feeling so fresh.  I was dying at this point in the race last year.  I made a quick detour by the side of the road near our neighborhood to grab my iPod from Aaron (you always manage to forget something, right?).

I felt great the whole time but a few times I think the pain the full marathoners were going through was rubbing off on me.  I was running alongside people who were gunning for sub-4 hour times, some probably even trying to qualify for Boston.  I was so proud of them!

A couple miles in I saw my mom which was a surprise. Hi Mom!  Send me your pics when you have a chance!

I could not believe how fast those miles went by. Last year they dragged on for what felt like hours! I took my headphone out for the last mile or so in order to enjoy the crowd.  Sacramento really comes out for CIM and I love that!

I cruised across the finish line and look at the race clock.  It read 3:50, so I knew our team finished even fast than that due to chip vs. gun times! Sweet.  And I finished in 50:35 with an 8:49 pace!  I was super happy with that!

I ran a 10K last Thanksgiving in an 8:48 pace while I was in marathon shape, so this is pretty impressive.  I am definitely NOT in marathon shape but I really pushed it!

Aaron and Cash were waiting for me afterwards.  Love seeing those two faces at the end of races.

Our team placed 4th in our division!

Like my teammate Kellie said – just think how well we would do if we really trained! Next year we are taking home the title! Or at least top 3!

I had a blast doing the relay.  Just being out there and being part of such a huge even in your hometown is pretty special!

Now I Have to Run Fast

Got some new kicks today.  I think if you wear these you are require to run fast! Hopefully they will help me tomorrow during the marathon relay!

Tomorrow I will be running the final leg of the CIM Marathon Relay Challenge.  It is hard to believe that a year ago I ran all 26.2 miles! I am happy to have 3 buddies to help me this year.

We are going to be running in support of Girls on the Run!  Three of us are participating as Solemates – the adult charity running program for GOTR.  I am so proud that our team has raised enough money so far for 6 girls to be able to participate in GOTR that otherwise would not be able to participate.  You can still donate to our team if you want to!

Our team captain, Kellie (who is also my co-coach), organized everything.  And she event made us these cute long sleeve shirts to wear under our Solemate tech tees.  Look at the GOTR logo on the wrist!

Adorable! We will also be decked outwith GOTR tattoos and each of us will hold pink and green GOTR balloons at the exchange points. Between the neon green, the balloons and my purple and orange shoes, I should be hard to miss.

We are hoping for sub-4 hours as a team which should be doable as long as the exchanges go smoothly – I have heard horror stories.

Wish me luck!  Go GOTR!


Race Repeats

The other day I was thinking about the Thanksgiving run I am doing tomorrow.  This is probably the 10th time I have done this race.  It is a tradition.  I started in High School when I did it with a couple girlfriends.  The highlight for us that year was the free Krispy Kreme donuts at the end (they had just opened the first KK in Sacramento).  Then I started walking the 5K every year with my mom.

Last year was the first year I did the 10K since it made the most sense due to marathon training.  This year I am once again doing the 10K.  I have the marathon relay coming up next weekend and I want to make sure I get in a 10K before.  I have been running only 3-4 miles at a time, so one 6 mile run before the relay will be good.

While I was thinking about this annual tradition, I realized The Run to Feed The Hungry is the only race I have repeated.  I know a lot of people have certain races they repeat every year, but for some reason I don’t.  I like new challenges and new courses.

I am planning to run the Sactown 10 Miler again in the spring, so maybe I am ending the streak of not repeating races.

Are you a race repeater, or are you one and one like me?