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The Honeymoon is Over

Literally, but not figuratively.

We got back from a week in Hawaii a few days ago and returned to Fall weather and today even some heavy rain, thunder and lightening. But the honeymoon was fantastic.  We rented a convertible and drove all over the Island exploring a new beach everyday, volcanoes, waterfalls and eating and drinking to our hearts’ content.

Our family friends were so incredibly generous and gave us their condo for a week as a wedding present! Ah-mazing! This was our backyard for a week:

Our first day we rented snorkeling equipment for the entire week and had them in the trunk of the car wherever we went.  The snorkeling on the Big Island was great. We saw so many colorful fish, lots of turtles and eels. I can’t wait till we get the underwater camera back to see how those pictures came out.

We named this turtle (and every Turtle we saw all week) Terry. I literally almost stepped on this guy as he was sunning on the beach.  Rough life!

We stayed on the west side of the Island in Waikoloa Village but took a road trip to the other side of the Island to see the volcanoes and waterfalls.  We spent the night in a little “B&B” in Hilo and woke up to browse their famous farmers market before continuing on to drive all the way around the Island.

The convertible was to best decision.  It made driving so much fun! We didn’t have to worry about missing out on tanning time because we were couped up in the car. 🙂

We enjoyed some nice dinners and plenty of nice drinks during our trip. I would always recommend staying in a house or condo if you are going somewhere for a long period of time. We had breakfast at home everyday, several lunches and made dinner at home as well.  So much better than eating every meal out.

As amazing as the honeymoon was, it is always nice to come home, wake up in your own bed, snuggle with the fur babies and get back to our old routine. Fall is my favorite season and it has definitely arrived. I am looking forward to all the fun stuff coming up like pumpkin carving, Thanksgiving and the holidays! And blogging, too!

Well, We Tried…

We had BIG plans this weekend for 3 nights of camping in the woods with our friends.  We had been checking the weather reports religiously for the past few weeks, and while it wasn’t going to be ideal tanning and boating weather, it looked like it was going to be dry. Do you sense any foreshadowing here?

We headed up the hill midday on Friday got camp set up.  We had a great time hanging by the lake, having a fire, grilling dinner and drinking beers. And look, our friends got us a new tent as an early wedding present!

It is huge! And Aaron can stand up in it!  Friday night was COLD, but we made it through and woke up to sunny skies on Saturday morning. The clouds came and went all day until it turned to this:

We tried to tough it out, but the rain kept coming down harder and harder and was scheduled to stick around until 10AM Sunday.  With temps dropping into the 30s overnight, it just wasn’t the way we wanted to spend Memorial Day. So, we all packed up camp like it was going out of style, and cut our long weekend WAY short.

While we are bummed to miss out on two days of camping, it is nice to be home, dry and warm. And showered!  Cash had a blast while we were there and was a very good doggie.  He is pooped, and so are we.  Look how cute!

Here are more pics from the weekend.  Now we need to figure out what to do with the rest of our weekend. What are you up to?

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Losing and Maintaining Weight on the Road

The next 4 days I will be in Chicago, but I am not attending the Healthy Living Summit like many other bloggers. Rather than focusing on healthy living, I will be celebrating the married of my friends Chrissy and Bubba and focused on catching up with old friends and eating and drinking until we are merry (or married!).

I usually expect to gain weight while traveling. It is hard for me to avoid delicious restaurant food, maintain my typical activity levels and eat proper portions. I try my best, but know that whatever happens, a few days will not hurt me in the long run and I will return to my healthy habits when I get home.

In my famous last words, I am going into this trip hoping to do the best I can and maintain as much of my health and fitness as possible. After all, I have a marathon to train for when I get home! There are some steps you can take to stay healthy on the road. Check them out below and how I am applying them to my trip.

1. Bring healthy snacks and bottled water with you while traveling. I always bring some sturdy snacks and a refillable to carry with me everywhere. Especially when traveling with friends, you never know when your next meal will be and what kind of healthy options it will include. Plus, I get HANGRY if I go too long without food and that isn’t fair to anyone else.

Some of my favorite snacks for traveling include: apples, bars, dried fruit, almonds.

You can also bring packets of instant plain oatmeal for hotel room breakfast. It is pretty easy to find boiling water and all you have to do is add some of the dried fruit and nuts you packed.

2. Walk as much as possible. Walking is a great way to see a new city. Luckily, Chicago is pedestrian friendly, and our hotel is close to Chicago’s RiverWalk and Lake Front Trail. If you have a long layover, walk around the airport terminal. If you are on a road trip, stop often to stretch your legs.

3. Get enough rest. This is often easier said than done. I will be sharing a room with 3 other friends and we have a full schedule of bachelorette events, rehearsal dinners and site seeing. I will get as much sleep as I can, but am making no promises 🙂

The reason to get rest? You may be prone to snack when you’re tired or make less-than-great choices at restaurants.

4. Make time for exercise. There are so many ways to incorporate exercise into your trip. My advice is to get creative. Do not think you have to do exactly what you do at home to get a good workout. Here are some easy ways to work exercise into your trip:

– Bring an exercise DVD to do in your hotel room
– Pack a resistance band and do the Do Anywhere Workout
Walk, walk, walk.
Wake up a little early. If you are smart with your alcohol consumption when traveling with friends, you will be ready to wake up earlier than your not-so-hydrated cohorts. Take advantage and go to the hotel gym, go for a run or a walk. That way you won’t feel like you are cramping anyone’s style or making everyone wait while you exercise.
Plan ahead. I already made plans with friends to exercise together. Discuss before the trip to make sure everyone brings the proper attire.
– Sign up for a bike or walking tour. Lots of major cities have bike and walking tours. I have done both in cities across the world and they are always a highlight of my trips.

5. Select foods carefully. Another tough one. Staying in hotels means you will eat most meals out. If you know where you will be eating before you leave, check out the menu online and develop a game plan – that way you won’t be tempted by last minute choices. Otherwise, use dining out tips like:

– Load up on veggies – start with a salad and eat the vegetables in your entree first.
Be picky. Ask questions of prep and make easy substitutes like extra veggies in place of heavier sides.
– Order two appetizers instead of an entree. Make sure one of those apps is heavy of the veggie (I’m a poet)
Split with a friend. Order a side salad and share an entree with a friend. Most restaurant entrees are HUGE and you don’t need your hotel smelling like leftovers, either!
– Eat healthy snacks like fruit and nuts in between your meals so you won’t be starving.

What are your top healthy travel tips? I can’t wait to return and report on how well (or not so well) I did on following my own advice. 😉

Something’s Missing

When I was packing for my trip to San Jose to see Shelley, I made sure to pack my workout clothes. I knew Shelley would be leaving early yesterday morning to head to the conference and I would have some time to kill as I waited out the morning traffic.

But, when I was getting dressed in the morning, something was missing.

I only packed ONE sock. Doh!  I hate that.  I did that a couple months ago and working out without socks it such a gross feeling.  But I wasn’t going to sit around on my butt just because of a silly old sock. I went without and headed to the hotel gym.

I was pretty impressed with the hotel gym. It was small, but had 3 treadmills, two ellipticals and a couple bikes. And all the cardio machines had their own TVs so I got to watch the Today while I did 35 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. They also had a good selection of free weights, medicine balls, a stability ball and a cable tower. I did a 30 minute circuit after cardio and then some ab work and stretching.

By the end of my workout I could feel my shoes rubbing on my bare feet, but all in all it was worth the discomfort to get in a good workout.  And it worked out perfect because I had no traffic on the drive home!

Recovering In So Many Ways

Well today is our first full day home from houseboating. I will be posting pics of the trip soon (just waiting to get some from other friends). I have some serious recovering to do.  Even though I brought some healthy snacks with me, everywhere I turned there were chips, snack mixes and cookies. It was too hard to resist it all, and I will admit I indulged too much.  Not to mention the endless supply of beer kept on ice all weekend.

A lot of my snacking was completely mindless. There were a couple times I looked down and saw my hand in a bag of something and didn’t know how it got there.  I snapped out of it, and removed my empty hand and stepped away.

One thing you may or may not know about me is that it is so easy for me to gain weight, and really hard for me to lose it.  I am sure this is true for pretty much everyone (especially us ladies). I was actually pleasantly surprised to have gained less than two pounds on this 4 day vacation.

I have a pretty consistent routine when it comes to diet and exercise, so when that gets thrown off, my body pays the price. This week I plan to waste no time and get right back into my normal routine. My body is craving vegetables and fresh produce, and that is exactly when I am going to give it. The best way for me to get back on track after vacation is to drink LOTS of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

How do you transition back to real life after vacation?