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New Motivation Technique

Sometimes you need to get creative with how to motivated yourself to workout. Lately I feel like I have been just kind of floating along without a plan. I have races on the calendar, but I haven’t been really focused in my race training or workouts in general. That changed this week! I have been trying to lift heavier weights and have been feeling like a bit of a slacker lately, so I needed to kick things up a notch. My goals were:

  • Create a consistent weight training plan
  • Build strength and lift heavier weights
  • Increase the amount of cardio I am doing
  • Stay motivated
Rather than set myself up for failure with a strict plan, I wanted to create something that was goal-oriented and created positive-reinforcement for myself. I decided to set separate goals for strength and cardio – a weekly goal for total cardio minutes and strength days. Then I fill in the blanks.  Knowing I have a small goal to hit each week keeps me motivated.


This week I set a goal of 300 minutes of cardio and 3 days of strength training. I kind of pulled the 300 minutes out of thin air, but roughly based it on the number of minutes I would most likely spend on my planned training runs and then added more. These minutes do not have to be at a specific intensity and can include everything from interval runs to leisurely walks with the dog. I will be able to adjust each week’s goals based on my schedule and how previous weeks go.


So far this week I have completed all three of my strength workouts and 163 minutes (hey, every minute counts) of cardio. It is Thursday and I have an 8 miler planned for tomorrow (roughly 80 minutes) which will leave me with ~ 60 “fun” minutes for the weekend. I have a feeling I will surpass my goal for this week.

The reason this works well for me is simply that it gets me out the door. Yesterday I worked from 6AM straight through the entire day, only getting off my butt to walk from my desk, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, back to my desk. Normally I would have skipped my speedwork, but I knew I wanted to tack on those 30-something minutes to my weekly total so I wouldn’t be cutting it close come the weekend.

So I laced up and hit the road for speed intervals and wound up covering 3.1 miles! It felt so great after sitting around all day and I was proud of working towards my goal.

For strength training – I have enlisted the help of my very own personal trainer – Aaron. We did two workouts together this week and he encourages my to try new strength moves and to add heavier weight that normally would scare me. I feel so strong after our workouts and can already feel the difference lifting heavier weights makes. 15 lb dumbbells feel so light now! I can’t weight to see more progress!

How do you stay motivated?

Catching Up

Catching up after a fun, busy few days.  Last week was a seriously busy week to kick off the new year.  It was a great week, though!

The weekend “started” with a cold and foggy 7 mile run.  I am training for an upcoming 10K and I am trying to actually train for all the races a register for.  I have never actually trained specifically for a 10K, so I enlisted the Runner’s World Smart Coach App to help me out.  It takes the guess work out of it.  I entered in a recent race time (54:00 10K), the distance I was training for (10K), how many miles I wanted to run a week (16-20), how hard I wanted to train (hard), what day I wanted to do my long run (Friday), and how many weeks until the race. Hit generate plan and there you go.  The plan had m first long run on Friday for 7miles.  That’s the farthest I have run since April.  And of course I woke up to this:


But I gave it a shot anyway and figured if I felt like crap I could turn around early to cut it short.  To my surprise, I felt great and completed the 7 miles in just under 1:04.  I averaged a 9:39 pace which I was happy with for my first “long” non-race run.

Saturday was the busiest day of them all.  It started dark and early at the TBF Racing New Years Duathlon.  It is a free race that benefits Girls on the Run!  TBF is an amazing organization that is such a huge supporter of GOTR.  We come to the race and provide raffle prizes and accept donations from participants.  It is a really great fundraiser for us and we love supporting such a great organization in our community.




Saturday night was the annual Father Daughter dance that my Dad and I attend every January.  We have been going for 16 or so years and I look forward to it every year.  We catch up with friends, have drinks, appetizers, dinner and then dance our booties off.  The band that plays every year is the same band that played at our wedding.  They are amazing and it was so much fun to see them.  Every year they know they have to play My Girl before my Dad and I can leave (that was our Father Daughter dance at the wedding).



Such a great weekend – and here’s to a great week!  Tomorrow Smart Coach has me doing speedwork.  My mission is to figure out how to program my Garmin for speedwork.

The Honeymoon is Over

Literally, but not figuratively.

We got back from a week in Hawaii a few days ago and returned to Fall weather and today even some heavy rain, thunder and lightening. But the honeymoon was fantastic.  We rented a convertible and drove all over the Island exploring a new beach everyday, volcanoes, waterfalls and eating and drinking to our hearts’ content.

Our family friends were so incredibly generous and gave us their condo for a week as a wedding present! Ah-mazing! This was our backyard for a week:

Our first day we rented snorkeling equipment for the entire week and had them in the trunk of the car wherever we went.  The snorkeling on the Big Island was great. We saw so many colorful fish, lots of turtles and eels. I can’t wait till we get the underwater camera back to see how those pictures came out.

We named this turtle (and every Turtle we saw all week) Terry. I literally almost stepped on this guy as he was sunning on the beach.  Rough life!

We stayed on the west side of the Island in Waikoloa Village but took a road trip to the other side of the Island to see the volcanoes and waterfalls.  We spent the night in a little “B&B” in Hilo and woke up to browse their famous farmers market before continuing on to drive all the way around the Island.

The convertible was to best decision.  It made driving so much fun! We didn’t have to worry about missing out on tanning time because we were couped up in the car. 🙂

We enjoyed some nice dinners and plenty of nice drinks during our trip. I would always recommend staying in a house or condo if you are going somewhere for a long period of time. We had breakfast at home everyday, several lunches and made dinner at home as well.  So much better than eating every meal out.

As amazing as the honeymoon was, it is always nice to come home, wake up in your own bed, snuggle with the fur babies and get back to our old routine. Fall is my favorite season and it has definitely arrived. I am looking forward to all the fun stuff coming up like pumpkin carving, Thanksgiving and the holidays! And blogging, too!

I’m Married!!

It has been so long since I have blogged, but I have plenty of good excuses.  The best being that I got married on Saturday!!!  Life has been crazy beyond belief but it was all worth it when I got to marry the man of my dreams in my favorite place on Earth!  After everything settles down, I plan to get back to regular blogging and maybe even register for some races!! I miss training!!

For now, some pictures courtesy of my amazing photographer, Kevin Von Qualen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So happy to be a wife!!!


The Best Things Come In Small Packages

I received a little package today that I have been eagerly anticipating.  The first time I fell in love with our wedding photographer was years ago when I saw his Super 8 video work on Style me Pretty.  I checked out his other work and proclaimed to by bestie, “Kevin WILL be my wedding photographer one day!”

We became Internet buds and last fall he graciously donated his time to photograph a charity race my other bestie organized for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network which made me an even bigger fan of his.

While I love Super 8 and video in general, having still photos was a bigger priority and having Kevin do both just wasn’t in the budget.  I was so excited to book Kevin and just accepted that Super 8 wasn’t in the cards for our wedding.

Then I saw this video on a wedding blog and couldn’t believe it.  The bride said she shot it with a Zumi digital camera that shoots Super 8 style video on a digital camera.  That has to be too good to be true, right?  Wrong!

A couple clicks of the mouse later, I found it!


The teeny tiny camera from Japan shoots 8mm style stills and video in ten different color modes.  It shoots with or without sound, too.

Once we found it, I knew this would be a solution to our video dilemma.  We have a regular Flip video camera, too.  The plan is to record the ceremony (probably on a tripod) and then we will carry around the camera all night and shoot little snipets of video from our point of view, and also pass it around the crowd.

I had always thought of video as wedding “extra credit” but now I realize that having our ceremony and reception documented on video will have a much different impact years to come when we want to relive the happiest day of our lives.

The Zumi product isn’t as beautiful as Kevin’s Super 8 work, but I think it will give us the look we are going for and is a good compromise.

What are your thoughts on wedding videos?  A must, or “extra credit”?